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Why has no budget been spent or used?
Why has no budget been spent or used?
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The commission budget you set is not ad spend. We invest our money into the ad spend and we only charge you a 12% commission on the value of orders our app generates (minus shipping). Remember we operate on a no order, no charge basis!

If no budget has been spent, this means we have not generated your store any orders for this billing cycle (30 days).
Common reasons for this include:
1. Your store is in learning mode and so far our system has been too conservative on bids. Our system will automatically increase spend and try different strategies to drive impressions, clicks and hopefully orders.
2. Your store has been suspended by Google, typically for misrepresentation which means we can't run ads.
3. Low search volume and demand for the types of products you sell, resulting in low impressions and clicks.
4. Low conversion rate. The ad campaigns we are running generate impressions and clicks but these are not converting into paid orders on your website.

If you're not sure what the reason is, please reach out to us through live chat or email and we'd be happy to help identify the reason.
We can't guarantee that we'll generate orders, but we can guarantee that if we don't generate orders, we won't charge anything.

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