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Why does my store need to be 30 days old?
Why does my store need to be 30 days old?
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Unfortunately, we have noticed a number of fraudulent stores that try to take advantage of our app with trial Shopify stores and make a quick buck through scams before they get caught.
To protect ourselves and end customers, our system will automatically begin the onboarding process once your store is live for atleast 30 days. This gives Google and Shopify time to review and ban illegitimate accounts.

Please keep our app installed and we'll get started as soon as possible.

Can the process be expedited, what should I do now?

We recommend waiting until your store is 30 days old so our checks can be completed. We recognize that legitimate businesses can get caught up in this qualification process. There are no fees outside of our usage-charges for when we generate a sale so there is no harm in waiting a few weeks before we get started for brand new Shopfiy stores.

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