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What is the commission budget cap?
What is the commission budget cap?
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The commission budget cap you set is the maximum we can charge in a given month, this is not ad spend. We calculate charges based on 12% of the value of orders our app generates (excluding shipping). There are no other charges or fees. If we don't generate your store orders, we don't charge anything.

We use Shopify usage-based billing to process payments and Shopify enforces that a cap must be set and agreed.

For example, if you set the cap at the default $600 the following scenarios can happen:

1. We generate $0 of orders and charge $0
2. We generate $5000 of orders and charge $600 (12%)
3. We generate somewhere between $0 and $5000 and charge 12% of that.

Merchants use the budget cap in two ways:

1. They want us to hopefully sell as much as possible, we recommend in this scenario just setting the budget cap really high such that it is unlikely that our app will never hit it.

2. Some merchants want to control cash flow, the customer experience, shipping and inventory etc.. and they use the budget cap the metre app usage when our app works well.

You can change the budget cap at any point up or down. We will also notify you if we are approaching the cap (80%) of if you hit it and recommend you increase the budget cap so we can continue to generate orders for your store.

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