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What are the benefits of working with Order Legend as a CSS?
What are the benefits of working with Order Legend as a CSS?

Order Legend gets a 20% discount on Google ad bids meaning we can run more performant campaigns at a better rate than you can alone.

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Google's Comparison Shopping Service (CSS) helps businesses save money on their ads. When businesses use a CSS provider like Order Legend to place their ads, CSS providers get a 20% discount. In other words, if you have an account directly with Google Ads you will face a hidden 20% markup to the price of bids.

Thanks to the 20% discount, Order Legend can run more effective ad campaigns at a lower cost. This gives businesses that use Order Legend a competitive edge over others who don't use a CSS, making their ad campaigns cheaper and more efficient.

Our pay-only-on-results model charges a fixed percentage on orders generated by our ads. This means we absorb all the advertising spend risk. This approach aligns our success directly with that of you, our merchants, offering a partnership that exceeds the capabilities of traditional agencies or direct Google Ads accounts.
You can learn more about how the CSS program can work in parallel to your own activity without creating a bidding war between us over on the Google support portal CSS article.

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